Ayurveda is the natural therapy to treat a disease. Ayurvedic doctors are well knowledgeable on the natural herbs and treatment. Ayurvedic treatment is a flexible treatment originally from India. Ayurveda is 5000 years old science that cures disorders and prevents any future complications. The practitioner at vaidrishi laboratories has a wide array of treatments that can be included in an individual's dincharya (daily routine) and ritucharya (seasonal routine).

The experts at vaidrishi laboratories understand the root cause of the disorder and plans a customized treatment for a better result. It's important to discuss any Ayurvedic treatment plan with an ayurvedic expert or a doctor to get a positive effect. Since 45 years the scientists, experts and doctors at vaidrishi laboratories have dedicated their knowledge and experience to develop effective herbal health products, piles ayurvedic products, and provide holistic and complete ayurvedic solutions. Visit a Ayurvedic expert at vaidrishi and talk about the symptoms and the lifestyle you follow.

The experts at vaidrishi laboratories take a whole process before designing a treatment plan. Let's look at the initial examination conducted by the experts at vaidrishi:

  • Observations - the practitioner observes and evaluate the movements of the patient and their behavioral structure.
  • Touch - the practitioner feels the pulsating by touching the nerves and they focus on patients tongue, nails, and speech. Certain laboratory testing can included under this category.
  • Questions - the practitioner first ask questions about the complaints and symptoms they are experiencing followed by the medical history if any. During the questioning, the practitioner observes the mental and psychological conditions

After understanding the symptoms and diagnosing the problem the treatment is not planned according to the level of disease (roga) but also the level of patient (rogi). After the diagnosis, the treatment is geared towards selecting a technique to battle the disease.

The team of experts at vaidrishi formulates certain herbal medication, so instead of focusing on treatment to heal the illness, the ayurvedic practitioner concentrate on the technique to improve the strengthening elements of the body.

Our experts are always available to your health concerns. Feel free to ask the doctor's and practitioners guidelines for your health conditions.