Mission & Vision

Ayurveda, the pride of India, has become the trust of billions of people around the world, and it is the sole motto of Vaidrishi to bestow all with the benefits of Ayurveda. Vaidrishi Herbals is the brainchild of Vaidrishi Uma Dutt Parashar who established it in the year 1971. With the passage of time, the company eventually brought in innovation and advanced manufacturing technologies in its production facilities to develop more effective herbal formulations for the well- being of people. On its path of serving the humankind with their best possible services, the company makes it a point to follow ethical work principles along with producing safe and effective Ayurvedic remedies through stringent lab testing and extensive clinical trials.

Our Mission

Our mission is to spread the awareness of ayurveda and its benefits.

Our mission is to help the society in more than one ways, i.e opening charitable trusts to provide free or almost free healthcare to the under-privileged members of the society, free education etc.

Our mission is to share the knowledge of ayurveda we have to help the humanity to achieve healthier lifestyle.

Our Vision

Our vision is to see every single person on the planet to be strong and leading a healthier life. We strive here at vaidrishi labs to meet our vision through providing best quality and affordable ayurvedic and Herbal medicine at competitive cost.

Our Goal

Covering wide range of ayurvedic, herbal health care and cosmetics products Providing affordable modern medical health care to all Developing products based upon strong R & D culture Strictly adhering to quality and validation procedures Successfully catering to markets of Middle East, Europe, CIS Countries, USA.


In an industry as complex as health care, success is dependent upon its ability to manage myriad operational and financial details. Vaidrishi leadership team brings critical depth and breadth of industry broad industry experience, innovation and passion to the company’s operations. Together, they steer the company’s vision to differentiate itself as a leader in redefining herbal health care delivery.