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For about half a century, Vaidrishi Labs has tirelessly worked to create and implement internal regulatory standards for the practice of Ayurveda. These standards were designed to improve and promote the safety, efficacy, recognition and legitimacy of the practice.
Vaidrishi, Arshkalp, Ayurveda, India,
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It is an anti inflammatory which is specific to Liver: i.e. works in all kind of


It is a Herbo-mineral formulation. (No heavy metals!!!)


  1. Shankh Bhasm
  2. Mukta bhasm
  3. Punarnava
  4. Praval bhasm
  5. Edible Lime

It is an anti inflammatory which is specific to Liver: i.e. works in all kind of

Viral: It works in all kinds of viral hepatitis no matter which virus is causing
Alcoholic: Kamlant reverses metabolic ill effects of alcohol on liver,
prevents and reverses fatty liver.
Toxic: Hepatotoxic medicines like Anti-tubercular drugs, paracetamol,
anticancer and anti arrhythmic drugs etc: Kamlant quickly reverses
hepatic damage caused by such toxicity and promotes healing thereby
quickly normalizes liver functions.
Fast Relief: Starts showing its effects from first dose itself!
Once a day dosing: means more compliance!
Short course of treatment: only three doses in three days! OD dose for 3 days!
2 capsules OD X 3 days
Most of the cases take only three days to show improvement but duration of
treatment depends upon severity of the disease or liver damage.

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