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Keratin Protein Shampoo – 300 ml

  • Promotes hair growth
  • Repairs hair structure
  • Helps against frizzy hair
  • Helps your hair grow longer
  • Promotes hair strength
  • Makes hair silkier and shinier


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About Brand
Vaidrishi, a name that has earned trust and respect for decades. With more than 50 years of expertise in personal well-being, we bring to you a wide and varied range of personal care products. The root of our range is the use of bioactive phytochemicals from a variety of botanicals which have dual functions – firstly, they serve as cosmetics to enhance the physical appearances of body parts and secondly, the botanical ingredients present therein influence biological functions and provide necessary nutrients for healthy skin and hair.

Keratin Protein Shampoo

Promotes hair growth and repairs hair structure. It helps against frizzy hair and your hair grows longer. It also promotes hair strength and makes hair silkier and shinier.


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