It all started 5000 years back in India for which the world will always be indebted to, Ayurveda. I was introduced to Ayurveda by my father, Uma Datt Parashar, who studied Ayurveda and spent a lifetime spreading its incredible benefits. We, through, Truveda intent to carry the flame forward to sensitize the next generation on the importance of Ayurveda. At Truveda we are committed to democratizing Ayurveda and helping accelerate universal wellness through responsible manufacturing practices. Like everybody else we are accountable to our community.

At Truveda, we go an extra mile to ensure that every single ingredient that goes into our products are of the best possible quality available. For example, the oils we use in our soaps are cold-pressed to preserve as much nutritional value as possible. Cold pressing ingredients is an extra step we take to ensure maximum results from our skin care products.

Truveda embraces the combination of amazing oils and other natural ingredients carefully to create potent products to help promote beautiful and healthy skin.

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What We Do

It was never about the best beauty products, it has always been about the beautiful skin. To restore confidence in one’s natural self and embrace nature’s goodness, Truveda has come up with the beauty products that are carefully hand-crafted for all set of customers. Our aim is to inspire every woman and man to wonderfully express the unique beauty and sensuality that they carry within themselves to the world. We believe in democratizing goods and helping accelerate universal wellness.

Organic roots, ethical marketing and exclusivity is all what it takes for a product to qualify as Truveda.

Truveda’s roots are connected to Vaidrishi; a company initiated by Uma Datt Parashar about half a century back. An Ayurveda aficionado with an aim to bring people closer to the benefits of Ayurveda. While pacing ahead on the path of serving the mankind with the best possible services, Truveda made sure that it closely interacts with the potential customer base through multiple offline portals to get a better insight of their impending needs and demands. From the past few years, the company witnessed steep demand from its customers to provide them with body care range of quality-made and safe natural compounds that Vaidrishi has always been providing in healthcare range. This paved way for the inception of Truveda, which not only offers Ayurvedic body-care range fulfilling the needs of feminine beauties and also the skin and hair care need for men.

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